For the past three years Advancing Warriors has been active in the community and has helped more than one hundred veterans, first responders, and their loved ones find healing and freedom.


"I didn't think I needed help, but through TRIBE, I didn't just get better, I got my life back."

-Vietnam Veteran

"TRIBE helped me see that I am not alone.

I have a group of people who understand what I am going through to stand with me."


"TRIBE has helped me release the traumas of my past, reconcile relationships I have felt that I completely destroyed. My heart feels full and resurrected." 

-Law Enforcement Officer

”Tribe came at a great time when I didn't know I needed it as much as I did. Over the years I have looked for something that would help me to open up and work through some of my issues, but a like-minded group of both Veterans and Christians wasn't anywhere to be found. Tribe is a unique group that brings together Christian Veterans and gives us the opportunity to open up in a safe and judgment-free environment. I found that it was freeing to open up to the group with my thoughts and experiences that have been trapped in my head for years. The thoughts and experiences wouldn't likely be relatable with anyone in the same way that this group could. The guided structure of this group helped us process and relate our experiences to what is outlined in the Bible. Having this process guide us has helped relieve undue stress that we have placed on ourselves when we should have handed it over to God.”

-GWOT Veteran

“After transitioning from the military, I longed for community and fellowship, but wanted to be surrounded by individuals who had similar backgrounds and experiences. I felt alone, isolated, different from others with my thoughts, and struggled with emotions trying to fit into life after the Army. TRIBE not only provided me with an opportunity to bond with other Christian Veterans, but week after week, I began tackling some of my post-military challenges. Shedding years of built-up baggage and negative reinforcement brought on by trauma and PTSD not only helped me but helped my family and work relationships as well. Strengthening my relationship with Christ, getting to know fellow Veterans, and working on personal healing and growth is what I’m most grateful for. TRIBE is an amazing program that every Veteran should be a part of.”

-GWOT Veteran