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The Bible is God’s Inspired Word

The Bible is God's inspired Word to us. Without error, contradiction, or incompleteness.

We believe the Bible to be the perfect and inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and without error, contradiction, or incompleteness which was authored by the Holy Spirit by the inspiration of various human “writers”.  The Bible itself is the best tool for interpreting, understanding, and authenticating what is told to us in Scripture.  Furthermore, secular historical records, paleography, and records of already fulfilled prophecies speak to the Bible’s remarkable accuracy.


We believe that we are instructed to rightly divide, know, and apply His Word to our own lives, (2 Timothy 2:15) and this is best done through interpreting Scripture literally while prayerfully considering application; for every passage there is one interpretation, but potentially countless applications for the individual.


Our programs follow a literal, grammatical, and contextual approach to interpretation of Scripture.  This means that our studies, content, and programs are based on a foundation built from examining what Scripture literally says, how the specific words, punctuation, and grammar are used in translations and the original text, as well as considering the context for the original purpose, audience, setting, and point in history.

This does not negate the use of parables or figures of speech in the Bible.  Figures of speech and parables are neither explained as purely figurative nor purely literal, but instead use imagery and figurative language to teach one or many principles.  This is where contextual analysis is key.

We apply this literal approach to interpretation consistently, especially regarding debated topics such as creation, baptism, communion, repentance, Israel and the Church, the Millennial Kingdom, eternal rewards, eternal security, contextual uses for the words “salvation” and “sanctified”, and many more.

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