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Sanctification and Fellowship

Works, and acts of discipleship are for our sanctification, not our eternal salvation.

We believe that while eternal salvation and eternal security are unconditional, not based on our works and behavior, the degree to which we live an abundant life (John 10:10), and the degree to which we are in fellowship with God is conditional based on our choices, thoughts, and actions. 

Eternal salvation does not remove our capacity for sin (Romans 7:14-25) nor is the presence of sin proof that one is unsaved (1 John 1:8,10), but we are guided and convicted by the Holy Spirit (Psalm 139:23-24, John 16:8) and can restore broken fellowship with God by repentance of habitual sins and confession of our sins (1 John 1:9).  Words and phrases like “commitment”, “surrender”, “obedience”, and “making Jesus Lord”, have nothing to do with eternal salvation from Hell, but everything to do with refining us to be more conformed to God’s image and character.


We view discipleship as a commitment to a process of serving God and others, which is distinctly separate from salvation from Hell. While receiving salvation is an unconditional once-and-for-all free gift by God's grace through faith, the quality of your relationship with Him is conditional based on your actions and choices.

Receive eternal life as a free gift through accepting Jesus' sacrifice on the cross as a complete payment for your sins, believe in Him for everlasting life, and become a child of God permanently. Let your gratitude drive you towards a desire to follow Him, not obligation or guilt.

Recognize that there is a difference between eternal salvation and the process of sanctification to refine you to be more like Christ in this life.

Build daily habits with prayer and study of Scripture. "Doing good" isn't just the absence of "doing wrong". Allow the Holy Spirit to work through you to transform you, guilt-free.

Think like an apprentice, growing in your knowledge and application of Scripture. Scripture is "living and active" and can always teach you something for you to apply to your situation.

Adopt a process-oriented mindset. Discipleship isn't a "destination" to be reached, but instead a lifelong "journey". Seek to be in tune with the Holy Spirit more and more.

Engage with the body of Christ and other believers. Seek out, build, and contribute to community. There is immense personal growth from giving to and helping others.

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