Advancing Warriors programs are not "traditional" instruction but instead are peer facilitated by those who "have been there and done that" and can relate to each participant in an authentic way to bring healing and establish and build a relationship with Christ.

We provide a series of 8-week programs firmly grounded in Biblical truth. Our programs break down barriers to a relationship with God and help uncover the origin and nature of those barriers. At the foundation of each of the programs is the truth that salvation is a free gift of grace through faith alone in Jesus' perfect and complete sacrifice for our sins.

Belief in this truth is the key to salvation and the process of refinement and sanctification to become more like Christ is a constant and daily pursuit. Our programs walk-through topics in Scripture to support this pursuit.

While not all participants of our programs are in need of mental health treatment, we offer that support as well. If the need is there, Advancing Warriors will cover the full cost of professional psychiatric treatment by a Christian board-certified psychiatrist. At no point is there ever a cost for treatment passed onto the veteran or first responder.

We have seen time and again the effectiveness and power of Christ to restore participants of our programs whether or not they seek additional treatment.

Upon completion of each of the programs, interested participants have the opportunity to become trained facilitators of our programs. This "discipleship training" equips them with a deeper understanding of Scripture and empowers them to mature spiritually and grow as a disciple of Christ, and in turn go out and reach others, share the Gospel, and help others grow as disciples.


The flagship program for Advancing Warriors, an 8-week series about breaking down barriers to a relationship with God and experiencing the abundant life of Christ.


This group is designed specifically for veterans and first responders and also helps people who have seen or experienced trauma or significant stressors.



This follow-on curriculum to TRIBE is an 8-week program focusing on an in depth look and study of Scripture on spiritual warfare, knowing the unseen enemy and developing a "battle plan" to combat it.

This program equips the believer in Christ with the understanding of Scripture needed to grasp the extent of the forces against us and the depth and breadth of the spiritual forces working to protect us.



A program devoted towards helping participants break free from the common, destructive and painful cycle of shame and guilt. 


This program dives deep into Scripture to unlock a life of true freedom with practical examples and vignettes from famous biblical stories.