Week 1:


During this week, the participants are encouraged to examine their lives for barriers against healing and identify support systems that can enable wellness. We introduce themes of maladaptive priorities and moral wounds

Week 2:


This week focuses on what our mission looks like as we follow Jesus through addressing identity, relationship with God, redemption, and abiding in Christ.

Week 3:

Moral Wounds

This week addresses the theme of guilt and illustrates God’s forgiveness.

Week 4:


This week provides tools and resources for improving self-care, minimizing triggers, developing quality relationships, and identifying an action plan.

Week 5: Your Story

This week is focused on the stories of the participants. In many cases, week 5 is the first time that the participants have had the opportunity to share with other individuals. 

Week 6: Command

This week focuses on trusting God as our leader and authority-figure, and illustrates how He has earned our trust.

Week 7:


This week is focused on interacting with God and others, and offers insights about how to properly express emotions, such as anger.

Week 8:

Purpose Redeemed

This week pulls together the themes of identity and community. This means identifying as God’s unconditionally loved child and heir and relating to others the way God relates to them. 

Growth Takes Time