We are Advancing Warriors International, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Psychiatrist, author, and retired Air Force officer, Dr. Ellie Stevens.


We provide a space for men and women veterans, service members, and first responders to rise above the stressors and traumas they have faced and to reconnect with God and one another.

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Our programs equip people to learn how to see themselves as so much more than products of their experiences and whom others in their lives have defined them to be.


These programs are peer-led by those who have been through their own struggles and hardships and now want to help their brothers and sisters heal and experience an abundant life in Christ.


Break the cycle of fear, stagnation, avoidance, and isolation. Join an authentic tribe of people who have been through the darkest night and are climbing out of the shadows and back on the mountain top.


Take action and find your mission and motivation for life. Join a team of people that will work together to break down walls and barriers to healing, health, and success. All groups have remote clinical supervision of a board certified Psychiatrist as well as free Psychiatric care offered to those participants who need it.

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